Life is Better on the Farm

“An industry that feeds you is an industry worth appreciating”

Boom. That quote changed my life about 8 years ago. Yes, I know, I know.. what the heck am I still doing in college if I’ve known I wanted to be in the agriculture business for 8 years now???

Well, let me start off by saying I’m Alexis Brocious aka crazy cow lady! I currently attend the University of Florida (go gators!!) and I plan on graduating Fall of 2018 with an animal biology major.  I’ve always wanted to work with small animals, ever since I was a little girl actually, but each year I’ve found myself struggling to decide what exactly I want to do. After moving to Florida my freshman year of high school and going to a school that had a decent size agricultural program, I became attached to cattle.. and by the look of these pictures they love me too 🙂

Bo2 Bo

I competed at state and county fairs with my heifers and ever since those days I just love working with them. I studied abroad in Belize this past summer and that’s where I got the “crazy cow lady” nickname because I was the only one jumping at every opportunity to work with cattle! I even may or may not have…. okay I have.. taken some of my crafty art skills and put them to use by painting a cow to hang up in my room because well.. cows are adorable!

Cow Painting

The agriculture industry is so diverse and has so many opportunities for development and growth so I’m always wondering, which part of this industry can I be most effective? I want to advocate for farmers who work day and night to feed people across the world, I want to become a veterinarian so I can help small and large animals in need, I want to research all angles of this industry especially advancement in farming because of the rapid increase of human population. Opportunities are endless. That’s why after 8 years I still don’t know exactly what I want to do or where I want to be but I can assure you I will be part of the agriculture industry no matter what.

I recently joined College Aggies, which is a platform for me to be able to connect with students all across the country and be able to advocate for agriculture together! While participating, I hope I can truly connect with people both in this group and also strangers who are willing to learn! Connections are so important in this field so meeting people, even if it’s online, that love doing what you do and are just as passionate is absolutely incredible! I feel as if I have something special to offer to those who want to know more about agriculture because I have dedicated my whole heart and life into this. To even have that small possibility of getting someone on board with advocating and loving agriculture because I’ve engaged myself and supported education just makes me even more determined to do this.

So with that being said, without farmers and without the agriculture industry… we wouldn’t have these funny memes.. or food.. but mainly memes 🙂 #CAO17

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